We can’t wait to see you SAFELY back on stage next year!  Our current plan is to host our competitions in person, with extra safety precautions and guidelines recommended by the CDC.  DIVE wants you to know exactly what measures we are taking to ensure the health and safety of all dancers, studios, and spectators attending our competitions in 2021.


Guidelines will be venue-specific according to which state the event is held. As new information becomes available, these details and policies will be updated and available to you as we near our 2021 events.  


  • Block Scheduling: If necessary, we will follow a block scheduling format, meaning that a limited number of studios would be in the venue at a given time with specific time slots to perform.  Each studio would be given their own dressing space.

  • Sanitizing: DIVE staff or the Venue staff will disinfect all lobbies, dressing rooms and Marley flooring with disinfectant. DIVE will wipe down all surfaces and chairs. Hand sanitizer will be readily available and suggested in all common areas.  If Block Scheduling is required, this process will be completed every time a studio leaves the venue.

  • Masks: DIVE staff will wear masks at all times.  At this time, mask are required for all attendees while inside the venue location, unless under the age of three. Dancers performing on stage will not be required to wear face masks unless enforced by local guidelines.  If a performer wishes to wear a mask, no scoring deductions will be given.  Mask should be worn while in the dressing rooms and backstage areas.

  • Scoring: Choreography, specifically with partnering may look different this year due to most of 2020-2021 requiring social distancing.  No deductions will be given for any lack of partnering including lifts or any other weight bearing interactions.

  • Social Distancing: Seating modifications will be enforced within the audience so that 6 feet of space is available between families. Please do not sit in the blocked off sections of the venues or you will be asked to move. 

  • Photo & Video: DIVE remains partnered with Dakiki Media to provide professional and affordable Photo/Video Packages for those spectators who are not able to attend. Please download the app in order to view and purchase photos and videos.


We hope that 2021 brings health and elimination of this current situation; however, if our venues require that we cancel an event, we will offer 100% refund on all fees.


Our number one priority remains to keep our staff, performers, family members, studios and supporters safe and healthy. 


Thank you for your cooperation!