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PERFORM -Through the DIVE experience, we would like to push all dancers to do their very best with each performance. Leave the stage knowing you are satisfied and confident!


GROW - Each  dancer’s growth and development is significant to DIVE. We ask every dancer to apply their teacher’s corrections and judges’ critiques during all rehearsals and performances. Embrace corrective criticism and grow from each experience.


INSPIRE - At DIVE we strive to have fun and display our passion for dance! We hope you are able to enjoy yourself throughout the entire DIVE competition.  Inspire and be inspired by other dancers and performances!

BOND - Although DIVE is a dance competition, we would love to have all participants interact with one another. Dancers, DIVE challenges you to bond with one another, lend a hand if needed, get to know other dancers and studios, and support each other throughout the competition.

DIVE IN - DIVE asks dancers to not be afraid to be vulnerable, show emotions, and reach new heights at our competitions. Dance is always evolving and we like for our performers to push their boundaries and accomplish new goals in each performance.

DIVE's Vision

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