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Why DIVE Dance Competitions?! 

We run our competitions on time!
We have fun and games for all, with chances to win prizes!
Our judges are the best of the best, from @impactdanceadjudicators!
ALL solos are in the title running at no additional charge!
Photos and videos are available for ALL routines for just $40 per dancer!
We treat our Studios and Dancers like VIP!!

To Register: C L I C K  H E R E ! 

We have a lot in store that you won't want to miss! 


“We all had a wonderful time and have fallen in love with DIVE from the very beginning of the day! Such an uplifting and positive competition! You all have done an amazing job!”


“DIVE is our favorite competition ALL SEASON. You take such incredible care of the dancers. Really appreciate how well organized it is too. Love DIVE!”

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