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Rules and Regulations



Please find our registration on our registration tab or DanceComp Genie, also on our website. In order to secure your spot we require full payment within one month (30 days) prior to the event.  Cashier’s check, money order, and studio checks and should be made payable to DIVE Dance, LLC.  Payments are accepted through our DanceComp Genie Registration, or checks can be mailed directly to DIVE. Studios must issue one form of payment for all entries. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED! All fees are non-refundable. NO EXCEPTIONS.

A $50 fee will apply to all returned checks.


DIVE In Early Discount:

In order to receive the DIVE In Early discounted pricing, all entries must be submitted online through Dance Comp Genie and PAID IN FULL 2 months prior to the competition start date.

Late entries will be accepted after the 30 day registration deadline but are subject to a $15.00 per entry late fee, until the competition has been sold out. As soon as the competition is full, the registration will be closed regardless of the date. Payment at the competition will not be accepted and unpaid routines will NOT be allowed to compete.

Our Competitions can last Friday through Sunday and accommodations to the schedule MUST BE inquired about prior to registration.

All changes to original submitted entries must be in writing and will result in a $15.00 fee.  Changes received after the schedule has been released will result in a $20 fee and must be received by DIVE 72 hours before the start of the competition.

DIVE requires all studios/dance companies/dance teams to register at least one entry for the competition and does not allow independent entries.



Advanced Upload: Please upload all music through the DanceComp Genie account at least one to two weeks prior to the competition.

It is required to bring a backup of music for all entries on a USB.

*All music not uploaded in advance will need to be turned in as described: 

  • A USB flash drive including labeled files with the entry number, routine title, and studio name.


DIVE, DIVE's staff, hotels, theaters, facilities, or sites of the competitions will not be responsible for any accident or injury that may occur to anyone participating in, attending, working for, working at, or during these events.  DIVE cannot be held responsible for unforeseen flaws in performance stages/spaces that may accidentally lead to the causing of an accident. Individuals/groups entering the competition and or participating as spectators to the event or in any other aspect MUST assume the responsibility for any unforeseen injury or accident.  It is the responsibility of the dance instructor/studio owner and or person in charge of the participating entries to educate performers, spectators and other attendees from their studio/company as to these rules and policies. DIVE and the competition venue/facility are NOT liable for ANY property loss, stolen items, damages, or personal injuries.


DIVE reserves the right to cancel or move any competition due to number of registered entries, extreme weather conditions, or any unforeseen circumstances deemed necessary. If DIVE cancels a competition, all registration fees will be refunded.


All choreography, costumes, music, props, and routines must be appropriate for a family environment. ANY violation will be disqualified, penalized by the judges, or stopped by DIVE. Judges audio critiques and score sheets will be available online/emailed to teachers within three days of the event. Score sheets and critiques will also be available in Dance Comp Genie accounts.


We ask that all dancers and studios are dressed and ready to perform one hour prior to their scheduled performance time. At DIVE, we strive to stay on schedule and run our competition in order. Unless a costume change is pre-approved by the backstage manager, exceptions will not be made to the schedule. In addition, we ask that teachers and choreographers refrain from coaching, assisting, or counting on the sides of the stage or from the audience. We want each performance to have a fair chance to show what they have learned and any additional help will result in the routines disqualification or a point reduction.


At DIVE we ask that only the studio owners, teachers, performers, and prop staff come backstage two to three numbers before your routine is scheduled. We do not allow dancers to sit in the wings. Dancers attempting to sit in the wings will be asked to move or watch from the audience. This is to prevent performers from getting injured during quick stage run arounds, needing to get props on and off stage smoothly, and to give the studio owners and teachers a chance to watch their entry perform. Our backstage area is for dancers preparing for their performance. For Supergroup and Production numbers, we ask that only the dancers in that routine and the necessary prop staff and studio teachers/choreographers come backstage. 


Please make sure to check in backstage at least six numbers before you are scheduled to perform. The backstage manager will also need to know if your dancers start on or off stage, as well as, when the props have been setup and removed from the stage. Any dance that has a music, lighting or technical issues will be ask to exit the stage and start over. Dancers who forget their routine will not be allowed to restart their dance.

Props must be loaded on and off stage within the specified time per the DIVE Guidelines. Use of any dangerous props (glass, guns, fire, knives, live animals, paint, sand, swords, water, etc.) are not acceptable and will result in disqualification. Additional people are not allowed on stage during a performance, unless they have been registered for and are averaged into the routine. At the conclusion of each dance, the stage props must be cleared by the studio.


Videotaping and photography are not allowed during the competition whether done so on a smartphone, tablet, video camera, handheld camera, or any additional photograph or recording devices. Our competition provides access to videos and photographs through studio or personal orders from DIVE’s Vendors. During awards ceremonies, photography and videotaping without a flash are acceptable.


DIVE has the right to use and photograph or video any spectator, competitor, or participant at the competition. In addition, all competitors consent to DIVE’s promotional, social media, and marketing departments use of both photographs and videos from the competition. Any routine that is streamlined will be done in a respectful manner to the studio, dancer, and choreographer.


Please know that all studios, teachers, dancers, and staff are to be treated equally and are expected to kind to one another. DIVE does not discriminate or tolerate negative behavior and can disqualify or reject any individual or studio who displays insulting behavior. Our goal is to create a positive and safe environment for all spectators and performers. We invite you to also review our DIVE Vision that list the expectations of our dancers, studio owners, teachers, and staff.


Any studio owner or teacher who feels that a Rule or Regulation is in violation should inform the Backstage Manager prior to the awards ceremony.

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