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Overall Results

Spartanburg, SC - Results

Spartanburg, SC March 19th, 2022   

Solo ~ Introduction ~ Petite    
Solo    Introduction    Petite    6    CRUELLA (LEIGHANNA WOFFORD)    1ST    Dance Dynamics
Solo    Introduction    Petite    8    COUNT ON ME (EMERY GREENE)    2ND    Backstage Dance Connection
Solo    Introduction    Petite    7    NO EXCUSES (TARA MCCRARY)    3RD    Pisgah Dance Academy
Solo    Introduction    Petite    4    MIC DROP (HADLEY PEREIRA)    4TH    Dance Dynamics

Solo ~ Introduction ~ Junior
Solo    Introduction    Junior    60    LOSE CONTROL (DELANEY HOYLE)    1ST    Dance Dynamics
Solo    Introduction    Junior    62    TREASURE (ALLIE MILLER)    2ND    Fascinating Rhythm Studios
Solo    Introduction    Junior    63    COUNTRY GIRL (JASMINE KEELE)    3RD    Dance Dynamics

Solo ~ Introduction ~ Teen
Solo    Introduction    Teen    44    ONE HEADLIGHT (KAYLEE O'NEAL)    1ST    Savage Dance Productions

Solo ~ Introduction ~ Senior   
Solo    Introduction    Senior    82    GLAM (ANNA MARIE MOORE)    1ST    Unlimited Talent Dance Studio

Solo ~ Advanced ~ Petite
Solo    Advanced    Petite    20    RUNNING WITH THE WOLVES (FABLE BARKER)    1ST    Dance Dynamics
Solo    Advanced    Petite    21    SASSY (SADIE VANDERFORD)    2ND    Dance Dynamics

Solo ~ Advanced ~ Junior
Solo    Advanced    Junior    89    BUTTER (ALEIGHA BLACKWELL)    1ST    Dance Dynamics
Solo    Advanced    Junior    80    REMEMBER (BELLA WHEELER)    2ND    Backstage Dance Connection
Solo    Advanced    Junior    81    LOST BOY (ALEIGHA BLACKWELL)    3RD    Dance Dynamics

Solo ~ Advanced ~ Teen 
Solo    Advanced    Teen    55    THE ONE I LOVE (ANNASTIN GUNN)    1ST    Fascinating Rhythm Studios
Solo    Advanced    Teen    83    LOST (CALLI RAE BISHOP)    2ND    Backstage Dance Connection
Solo    Advanced    Teen    57    THANK GOD THAT I'M ALIVE (AVA WILLIAMS)    3RD    Backstage Dance Connection
Solo    Advanced    Teen    56    IRREPLACEABLE (RILEY NAHRGANG)    4TH    Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Solo ~ Advanced ~ Senior
Solo    Advanced    Senior    31    TO LOVE YOU MORE (ELLEIGH SANDIFER)    1ST    Fascinating Rhythm Studios
Solo    Advanced    Senior    28    BODY LOVE (JOSEY JACKSON)    2ND    Fascinating Rhythm Studios
Solo    Advanced    Senior    32    ALL I WANT (KYLIE GARZA)    3RD    Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Solo ~ Expert ~ Petite
Solo    Expert    Petite    24    WAVES (LILY BUCKLEY)    1ST    Renner Dance Company

Solo ~ Expert ~ Senior
Solo    Expert    Senior    33    CHAMPION (BETHANY SMITH)    1ST    Dance Dynamics

Duo/Trio ~ Introduction ~ Mini
Duo/Trio    Introduction    Mini    75    MERMAID SISTERS    1ST    Pisgah Dance Academy

Duo/Trio ~ Introduction ~ Petite
Duo/Trio    Introduction    Petite    76    GOOSEBUMPS    1ST    Pisgah Dance Academy

Duo/Trio ~ Introduction ~ Junior
Duo/Trio    Introduction    Junior    37    DAISIES    1ST    Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Duo/Trio ~ Introduction ~ Teen
Duo/Trio    Introduction    Teen    70    HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT    1ST    Savage Dance Productions

Duo/Trio ~ Advanced ~ Petite
Duo/Trio    Advanced    Petite    34    LITTLE RED RAPPINGHOOD    1ST    Dance Dynamics

Duo/Trio ~ Advanced ~ Junior
Duo/Trio    Advanced    Junior    68    BLACK HORSE AND A CHERRY TREE    1ST    Dance Dynamics

Duo/Trio ~ Advanced ~ Teen 
Duo/Trio    Advanced    Teen    12    CAPTAIN JACK    1ST    Dance Dynamics

Duo/Trio ~ Advanced ~ Senior
Duo/Trio    Advanced    Senior    71    BEST FRIENDS    1ST    Dance Dynamics

Small Group ~ Introduction ~ Petite
Small Group    Introduction    Petite    40    I'M YOURS    1ST    Pisgah Dance Academy
Small Group    Introduction    Petite    48    COME ON DANCE WITH ME    2ND    Pisgah Dance Academy
Small Group    Introduction    Petite    41    REPORT CARD    3RD    Backstage Dance Connection

Small Group ~ Introduction ~ Junior
Small Group    Introduction    Junior    11    HEAD ABOVE WATER    1ST    Savage Dance Productions
Small Group    Introduction    Junior    10    WITHOUT YOU    2ND    Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Small Group ~ Introduction ~ Teen
Small Group    Introduction    Teen    54    CONTROL    1ST    Savage Dance Productions

Small Group ~ Advanced ~ Junior
Small Group    Advanced    Junior    74    SPIRIT SQUAD    1ST    Backstage Dance Connection

Small Group ~ Advanced ~ Teen
Small Group    Advanced    Teen    67    I'M A RULER    1ST    Fascinating Rhythm Studios
Small Group    Advanced    Teen    77    THE SWITCH UP    2ND    Backstage Dance Connection
Small Group    Advanced    Teen    19    TREASURE    3RD    Backstage Dance Connection

Large Group ~ Introduction ~ Mini
Large Group    Introduction    Mini    49    BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING    1ST    Palmetto En Pointe

Large Group ~ Advanced ~ Petite
Large Group    Advanced    Petite    17    TAPPING DOWN THE HIGHWAY    1ST    Dance Dynamics

Large Group ~ Advanced ~ Junior
Large Group    Advanced    Junior    50    HOLD ON    1ST    Fascinating Rhythm Studios

Large Group ~ Advanced ~ Teen 
Large Group    Advanced    Teen    58    MOULIN ROUGE    1ST    Backstage Dance Connection

Supergroup ~ Advanced ~ Junior
Supergroup    Advanced    Junior    51    WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW    1ST    Backstage Dance Connection

Supergroup ~ Advanced ~ Teen
Supergroup    Advanced    Teen    39    OH HAPPY DAY    1ST    Backstage Dance Connection

Production ~ Advanced ~ Junior
Production    Advanced    Junior    92    LEGENDS    1ST    Backstage Dance Connection

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